Almonds from Avola coated with milk chocolate and tonka beans

The freshly roasted almonds from Avola, Sicily are paired with tonka bean flavoured, creamy chocoMe Mariage de Grand Crus 40% milk chocolate to create an irresistible match. After bathing the almonds in this  superlative milk chocolate delicacy, the almonds are rolled gently in cocoa powder.

Sicilian almonds coated with Arabica coffee flavoured dark chocolate and cardamom

We take some of the finest, intensively creamy, unusually flat Sicilian almonds, and dip them in a chocolate mass flavoured with carefully roasted and ground Arabica coffee beans. When almonds are completely saturated with the exquisite coffee aroma, we roll them around in exotic cardamom and cocoa powder. 

Sicilian almonds coated with Guérande salty blonde chocolate and crispy wafer

The thin, long almonds from Sicily are creamy and free of any sourness in aftertaste. We mix them with crispy wafer and give them a blonde chocolate bath, through which they acquire the elementary characteristic caramel notes thanks to the Guérande salt. We roll the almonds with a thin layer of wafer, to make them even more crispy. 

Piemonte hazelnut covered in ground Ethiopian Harrar coffee and hazelnut flavoured milk chocolate

We tuned this milk chocolate creation to perfect harmony with finely ground Harrar arabica coffee from Ethiopia and silky smooth hazelnut cream. We cast the world-famous hazelnuts from Piemonte into the embrace  of this exciting chocolate mass.

Sicilian almond coated with blackcurrant pepper spiced dark chocolate

The blackcurrant pepper finds culmination in dark chocolate as it covers the oval almond, giving it an irresistibly intense, fruity and a piquant flavour.
The blackcurrant pepper

It is one of the latest innovations in the world of gastronomy with a rather misleading name. The basis of the spice are the freshly harvested buds of the blackcurrant plant, which go through a freeze-drying process to remove all moisture. As a next step the buds are gently ground into a powder that carries a lively, refreshing, slightly spicy, but round and fruity character all year long - as it is an otherwise seasonal delicacy. 

Cantonese macadamia nut coated with blonde chocolate and tonka beans

This nut from the tropical regions of Northern Australia is held as the world's finest and healthiest, we make it's almost creamy texture crunchy with a very special caramelization process. Then we dip it in a stream of French blonde chocolate seasoned with tonka bean origines from South America, and finally roll it around in cocoa powder bath.


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